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        1. For Researchers.
          The Antibody & Biochemicals Search Engine.

          Searching 5,408,972 antibodies, with 1,893,063 citations from 191 suppliers.

          Why use CiteAb to find reagents?

          We’re the largest

          We have the biggest database of reagents and citations, allowing you to search 4 million reagents from over 200 suppliers.

          We rank by citation

          Our search engine works by using the number of citations as a simple and transparent method to rank research reagents.

          Multiple reagent types

          Our search engine allows you to find antibodies, biochemicals, kits and assays for your experiments. With more reagents in the pipeline!

          Experimental details

          We list the publications which use individual reagents, providing a source of information to help you plan your experiments.

          Last year's statistics

          2M Page views
          250k Searches
          1,500 Universities
          196 Countries

          Our users

          Our regent search engine is used by leading Universities, Research Institutes and Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology companies from across the globe.

          Harvard University
          University of Cambridge
          Kyoto University
          Fudan University
          Dana-Faber Cancer Institute
          Karolinska Institutet

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